Barter company Logy-System is looking for multi-firm agents

We are a barter company that specializes in the sale of products from all the product sectors coming from the exchange of advertising goods.
For the launch of an important distribution project planned throughout the national and international territory, we are looking for multi-firm agents to be included in our sales staff.
Research is strictly aimed at candidates with active and consolidated customer portfolios.
The framework provides for a multi-agency contract with commissions.
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The advantages we offer

Very high commissions

I work in complete autonomy

Wide variety of products to offer

Who we are

Logy-System is a barter company founded in 2010 basing its activity on the ideas, built over time, by young entrepreneurs active in the field of buying and selling stocks and in the management of changes in advertising. The main objective of the structure is from the beginning that of wanting to become a reference point in the market for the management of commodities in stock deriving, in a primary way, from operations of exchange of advertising goods.
The strength of Logy-System is that over the years it has built strong and consolidated relationships both on the publisher side and on the commercial market side, being able to guarantee, in full compliance with the agreements, the relocation of the goods managed. To be able to operate successfully in this market what is necessary is an important professionalism with market vision as well as a never superficial knowledge of the mechanisms and commercial logics of both the advertising world and the commercial market to which it is directed for the sale of goods receipt. For this activity Logy-System has built an unparalleled distribution network with distribution channels, both online and offline, able to achieve important results that guarantee the quality of the work done.
The future of Logy-System will be the result of the quality of daily work that transforms the company into a reliable partner, capable of being not only a simple operator but a real consultant able to meet the needs of companies looking for a solutions to optimize their resources.

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